maelstrom + snorkelling => patience


I got myself a new camera the other day, with a case that allows you to go swimming with it, to a depth of 15 metres. I thought that for snorkelling it would be really nifty to have the ability to take pictures underwater, particularly since my parents are taking the family up to Heron […]

Philosophy of language


Ferdinand de Saussure (1857-1913) was a French Linguist, who had an incredible effect on the development of linguistics in the 20th century. He proposed a structural approach to studying language, which looked at the relationships words have to one another: contrasts, opposites, hierarchies of meaning – in short, language in practice. He studied language synchronically, […]


There’s an article in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald attributing the decline of modern art to increased iPod usage. Bold claim, and pretty specious as far as I can work out from the article – it seems to run along the lines of ‘people are listening to music more, therefore clearly not using their eyes as […]

An appalling lack of discipline


Kristy and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 the other day. It’s good fun, and much what you’d expect given the first two movies, but… … it’s 3 hours long. 3 hours. There didn’t seem to be any editorial discipline whatsoever. I’ve heard interviews with directors before, talking about how excruciatingly difficult […]

I get it now…

This xkcd comic is suddenly very funny – I just learnt about Godwin’s Law. For all you UNIX geeks, this one is my favourite.

So now I'm a published author

Of sorts. I stumbled across the other day, which is one of a number of print-on-demand book publishers. You send them your document, and they will print the number of copies that you require, from as low as 1 copy. It sounded kind of nifty, and I wanted to give it a go. I […]

absolutely amazing

This technology is simply astounding. There’s an interesting little discussion on the Sheldon comic/blog about how ‘time’ metadata might be included in this sort of representation – if the structure of a thing is drastically changed at a point in time, do you include all past and present forms of that structure? Do you somehow […]