Kristy’s birthday was on Sunday, so over the weekend we had a good excuse to sample a variety of Newtown/Erko eateries. If you’re in the area looking for a bite, here are some goodies: Twelve is a slightly-upmarket (relatively speaking) restaurant on King St, Newtown. It’s got big glass windows for that fishbowl/watch-the-world-go-by effect. For […]

No to Pope?


I spotted a sign wrapped around a telephone pole on the way home the other day, advertising a rally on the 19th of July [pdf link]. The organisation is called the “NoToPope Coalition”, and apparently stand against the Catholic Church on a number of things, including the right to (at Saturday’s rally): Defend the right […]

Political coffee


  The politics of coffee isn’t just about free trade. My newest bean supply is from Campos Coffee, possibly the best coffee around. I bought a bag of the Obama Blend. The description runs like this:   “Great depth of character, strong, and eloquent. This very appealing blend unites coffees from Africa and the Americas […]



Ping pong. Bible college pastime, ministry aid, tool of international diplomacy. Penny Arcade reports: parts one/two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Gold.

Paradigmatic 0.6.1


Slight update: I’ve upgraded the Sparkle updater system, to fix a couple of things. Firstly there were a few bugs that could cause crashes if it couldn’t find the update information feed properly, but secondly there was a change in how .zip files were extracted in between the last couple of updates. This means that […]


OK, we’re back. In case you missed it, I’ve changed bits and pieces of info regarding my domain name. This was for all sorts of technical and personal-usability reasons that don’t really affect you, but going and changing the names of things on the internet often means pages get lost, stuff breaks, and people […]


I’m about to do some mucking around with my domain name. Apologies if this mucks up the web addresses for this blog so that you can’t find stuff no more. What I’m trying to do is to reconfigure my domain name, so I’ve got more useful subdomains. That means that this blog will move from […]

Paradigmatic 0.6.0


New version: I’ve done some more work on various sections of Paradigmatic. The first thing you’ll notice as you fire it up is that I’ve changed the main window to look a little nicer: Note I’ve removed the greyed-out ‘Tester’ option, as I’ve not written it yet. It will return when there’s something to connect […]