DVD Extras


I found a DVD box set containing all the Die Hard movies in a shop today. It was the added extra that came with the DVDs that caught my eye: More info is on the side: I’m pretty sure that phrase is famous for being a little more … colourful. UPDATE: Now running for president! […]


This is insanity. At one point they pass a car. On skateboards.


“I’m here to pick up your horse.” This is what I heard when I opened the door the other day to a visitor. It was about as strange as it sounds, but not quite as out of the blue. A few days earlier we arrived home to find a lump of clay, wrapped in gladwrap, […]

Large Hadron Collider


Check whether it’s destroyed the world yet. Also has a RSS feed so you don’t have to manually check the site all the time. Handy.

Accusations of Heresy

I’ve had a post pretty much like this rattling around in my head since the Engage conference, but Bathgate beat me to it: Accusations of Heresy Perhaps the fact that I’ve finished my essay, and he’s procrastinating from his, had something to do with it. Regardless, he said pretty much what I’ve been thinking, and […]

It's Windy


Stunning shots of hurricanes/cyclones from space, from the Big Picture:

Illustrated Bible (#2)


Mark 6.45:52: [via news.com.au]



Found for us by a dear friend at a church fete. Love that one-piece. Uggh.



Ultrasound at 38 weeks:

Illustrated Bible


Philippians 4.10-20: [via xkcd]