Real Victory

A bunch of Christians who play Ultimate Frisbee got together recently and chucked around ideas that might help establish and grow a community of Christians in the sport. There are other Christian people around who play, but we don’t all know each other, and many find the culture at tournaments a little difficult at times to reconcile with their faith and practice.

I was in on that discussion.

To get things rolling, we’ve put together a site and a web forum as a means of helping people find out who other Christians are, chat, organise to meet up at tournaments, pray for one another, and a bunch of other things. It may go in different directions. We’ll see.


The aims that we chucked around were the following:

  1. Get discussions running on any questions about the Christian faith
  2. Get to know other Christians in the frisbee community.
  3. Give each other some accountability during tournaments. (Not in a bad way, but you know)
  4. Ask about how to handle situations that come up regarding conflicts between frisbee and faith
  5. Introduce topics for study, ie. we could have continuous threads running about various sections of the bible
  6. Have general fellowship with each other
  7. Make online prayer requests… if that’s not too awkward for people.
  8. Introduce new people to the concepts and beliefs of Christianity
  9. Challenge each other to really show God’s love to everyone!

It’s kinda primarily aimed at those who play at a tournament level, but open to anyone in the frisbee scene. No, you don’t have to be a Christian to join (but understand that this is what we’re on about).

If this sounds like something you might be keen to be a part of, check it out. Sign up, contribute.

And let me know what you think.