An Australian parable

An Australian gloss of Luke 16:19-26, in order to contemplate a Christian response to refugees and asylum seekers (taken from Frank Brennan, The public, the Church, and asylum seekers): There was once a rich man, who dressed in purple and the finest linen, and feasted in great magnificence every day. At his gate covered with […]

Your church is too small

(Reposted from The Briefing) Deep darkness is punctuated by the flash of a thousand cameras; rumbling bass rattles through my bones. Throughout the arena I can hear the burbling, surging, building crescendo of music ready to erupt—and then, with a synthesizer burst, lights erupt throughout the stadium, only to be extinguished just as quickly.1 They flash […]

A theology of criticism

I’m heading off to the Hillsong Conference next week. I expect it to be a hard week—they’ve invited some folks who seem pretty committed to preaching prosperity doctrine, encouraging people to put their hope and confidence in something other than Christ alone. I’ll say more on that another time. But Kevin DeYoung had a great […]

The ministry of more than showing up

In all the Solas of the Reformation (by Scripture alone, by faith alone, by grace alone, through Christ alone, glory to God alone), there’s nothing about Christians being alone. Quite the opposite: we are brought in to a new community with others. Hebrews 10:19-25 shows us the twin bases of confidence we have for approaching […]

Work vs. Play

Seth Godin (and Shawn Blanc) have written about difficulties that can come from working and playing from the same device. It’s really easy to get distracted and waste time. Godin’s advice is to have one device for work—a laptop, say—and another for play (e.g. an iPad). Nice ideas. My problem, though, is that my work […]

Christian Champions #3


#3: Nick Barnett. Bible reader extraordinaire. Wakes up around 6am every morning to read his Bible and pray, ’cause he sees it as important.

Christian Champions #2


#2: Annabelle and Rachel. Night church folk. PS – hot tip: if you give a talk at church, don’t watch an incredibly sped up version. It highlights your, ahem, repertoire of gestures.

Christian champions #1


#1: Tim Green. Bible Reader at Pablo & Rusty’s.

Free and Easy

As a Christian community, I reckon we need to be a little freer with biblical language. That is, not feel like we need to quote verbatim every time we say something from the Bible. A case in point is when, either in a prayer or a prepared talk, when someone uses part of one of […]



Elissa’s getting baptised. (Finally.) July 26th,[1] 10am sharp. Baptisms usually happen at the start of the service, so if you’re late you might miss it. Minchinbury Anglican Church – 86 Rupertswood Rd, Rooty Hill. We’d love to have you along (assuming you don’t have church commitments, although I’m sure many of you do). If you […]

Music in Church

Michael Jensen has been putting together a list of a bunch of blogs written or contributed to by Moore College Students. It’s an interesting and eclectic list. One of the sites in this compilation I came across has to do with the perennial problem of church music – what is it for, how do you […]

Spotlight: Internet Pornography


[NB: ‘Spotlight’ here refers to a segment we run at church, and has nothing to do with a certain Apple search technology.] At church recently we’ve been hearing from Jesus (from his Sermon on the Mount) about all manner of human behaviour. In relation to lust, he says this: You have heard that it was […]

Accusations of Heresy

I’ve had a post pretty much like this rattling around in my head since the Engage conference, but Bathgate beat me to it: Accusations of Heresy Perhaps the fact that I’ve finished my essay, and he’s procrastinating from his, had something to do with it. Regardless, he said pretty much what I’ve been thinking, and […]

No to Pope?


I spotted a sign wrapped around a telephone pole on the way home the other day, advertising a rally on the 19th of July [pdf link]. The organisation is called the “NoToPope Coalition”, and apparently stand against the Catholic Church on a number of things, including the right to (at Saturday’s rally): Defend the right […]

Fighting words?


Despite sounding like a sub-division of NASA, the Global Anglican Futures Conference has released their closing statement [pdf link]. In terms of world-wide Anglicanism, it’s got some strong words to say. Those words are, however, excellent. There’s a real focus on proclaiming the gospel to the world, staying faithful to our Lord Jesus, and defending […]