Christmas roast

Christmas roast

Good morning, sunshine


Christian champions #1


#1: Tim Green. Bible Reader at Pablo & Rusty’s.

OT in NT (6a): Continuity of God's people

Thirdly (see the first and second points), this interpretation of eschatology is (again) not out of line with Scripture. The believing community are in continuity with and are part of the one Israel. Reminders of Israel’s past (e.g. Acts 7:5, 40), warnings (e.g. 1 Cor 10, although not dealt with here), and exhortations (e.g. 1 […]



(modified, via Alfred Ronyi/Paul Erdos) A minister is a machine for turning coffee into pastoral ministry.



Practice makes… well, better, anyway. The last few coffees: three from three. If this whole theology thing doesn’t work out with the exams over the next two weeks, I won’t quite be putting in an application to Campos, but maybe somewhere more third-rate might take me on.



Kristy’s birthday was on Sunday, so over the weekend we had a good excuse to sample a variety of Newtown/Erko eateries. If you’re in the area looking for a bite, here are some goodies: Twelve is a slightly-upmarket (relatively speaking) restaurant on King St, Newtown. It’s got big glass windows for that fishbowl/watch-the-world-go-by effect. For […]

Political coffee


  The politics of coffee isn’t just about free trade. My newest bean supply is from Campos Coffee, possibly the best coffee around. I bought a bag of the Obama Blend. The description runs like this:   “Great depth of character, strong, and eloquent. This very appealing blend unites coffees from Africa and the Americas […]


I was down at the local shopping centre earlier today. I was feeling pretty average, and my wife kindly made me go and sit down at a cafe while she did the first part of the shopping. This particular centre was a little short on decent places for coffee, so Gloria Jeans was the best […]