Bible Visualisation

This is great. Chris Harrison has come up with some beautiful graphics showing Biblical references and names. I love this sort of stuff. Check it out.


“I’m here to pick up your horse.” This is what I heard when I opened the door the other day to a visitor. It was about as strange as it sounds, but not quite as out of the blue. A few days earlier we arrived home to find a lump of clay, wrapped in gladwrap, […]

A picture worth about 250 words


Working much like the category cloud you see in the right column of your browser window, in which categories with more related posts receive greater size and prominence, Wordle is ‘a toy for generating word clouds’. It takes a slab of text, either typed/pasted in or uploaded as a file, and creates quite beautiful word […]

Got milk?


Get the Glass is a really neat little online board game. It won a prestigious Black Pencil design award from D&AD in the category of ‘Animation and Motion Graphics’, which is apparently some serious kudos. D&AD don’t award the black pencil award, their top category, unless they’ve got something that is worth giving it to. […]

More on glowing cats


More info on the glowing cats:

What not to do when designing


My microwave is a case study in awful user interfaces. Here it is, in all its matching stainless-steel glory. For starters, it isn’t always in “I’m-ready-to-cook” mode, which is clearly what one uses a microwave for most often. To set the time you need to push the ‘Time’ button, then put in the time. Awkward, […]

Hidden image


I came across this the other day. It’s a puzzle. For all you photo nerds out there, try and find the picture hidden in the following image: Warning! Before reading on, try and find the hidden graphic. The rest of the post contains spoilers.