Water, water, everywhere.


If you ever find yourself on King St, Newtown, parched, the furthest you’ll have to walk for a beer is 250 metres.[1] If you happen to be in this particular dead zone — the corner of St John and King — go with gravity and walk downhill towards the Union. The uphill option, the Sandringham, […]



My vastly-qualified grandfather has just published a book he’s co-edited. He sent me a copy today. Surprisingly it’s something I’m keen to have a look through (normally, the nitrogen cycle in agriculture doesn’t really do much for me). I’ve started on an article about the Tibetan plateau, and how it effects the atmosphere and the […]



Calvin reading… check. Hebrew translation… check. Greek translation… check (well almost, but will be by tomorrow). Time for a holiday. See you all in a week.

A tale of two cities


Canberra and Melbourne. Two conferences in two weeks: National Training Event (AFES), and an Engineering Education conference (AAEE). The difference in tone was really remarkable. The theme of NTE was God’s word to God’s world, and was consistently and thoroughly marked by a dependence on hearing and receiving God’s words. One of the speakers, Peter […]

In memoriam, or as a result of?

I saw an ad on a Melbourne tram for the Harold Holt Swim Centre, which tickled my dark sense of the ridiculous.

A relative lack of pubs


Melbourne doesn’t seem to have as many pubs as Sydney, which is surprising – popular folklore (at least that which I have heard) has it that the nightlife scene and pub music scene in Melbourne is much better than Sydney. These results are based on an informal walking tour of a reasonable section of Melbourne […]

Alas, poor Yorick


I’ve just managed to get my scanner working, and I’ve been going through a couple of old photo albums. This is Elsinore Castle, in the rotten state of Denmark (it’s not actually the one from Hamlet – it was built after the play was written, but it hasn’t stopped them cashing in on the tourist […]

Life is good

I’m having a great couple of days. Today, I met people for coffee not once but twice. Firstly I got together with my boss and fellow student minister, so we could hammer out what we are each doing for our upcoming series through Mark’s gospels. I’m doing two talks, the first on Mark 2-3, entitled […]