“I’m here to pick up your horse.” This is what I heard when I opened the door the other day to a visitor. It was about as strange as it sounds, but not quite as out of the blue. A few days earlier we arrived home to find a lump of clay, wrapped in gladwrap, […]



Google Maps Australia now has the nifty street-view function, which has ground-level photos of the area so you can scope out where you’re going, or check out your house, or whatever. Late last year I saw the Google car taking pictures in my area when walking home; sure enough, I feature on the corner of […]



Kristy’s birthday was on Sunday, so over the weekend we had a good excuse to sample a variety of Newtown/Erko eateries. If you’re in the area looking for a bite, here are some goodies: Twelve is a slightly-upmarket (relatively speaking) restaurant on King St, Newtown. It’s got big glass windows for that fishbowl/watch-the-world-go-by effect. For […]

The joys of terrace living


11:30 pm, Sunday night: Guy across the road is playing saxophone very loudly. Playing is actually a generous term. If I hadn’t heard him play before (at similar times of the day night) I would be firmly convinced he’s never played before. Or even seen a sax. 10 minutes ago: I walk over to ask […]