Co-workers are great.

Also coming soon: ePub & Kindle Briefings.

March/April Briefing, coming soon.

Grasshopper: skin on, skin off.

Looks like @rogerfitz has been doing some 2WTL postering in Erko, but might need some revision.

Happy birthday to me, courtesy Liza.

Advance copies of @thebriefing

Waiting. Watching.

For Grandma’s 80th

For Grandma’s 80th + bonus photo-bombing guy

Just in case any of you thought you understood me, here are my old maths notes in Swedish.

There’s an old man in my coffee

Descriptive character names FTW.

Posted without comment.

The field guide for kiddo’s song: “I’m going on a fairy hunt, Gonna catch a little one, I’m not scared.”