Modifying the Baker Framework


I’ve been working on an iOS app for the magazine I edit, The Briefing. The basis of this magazine app is a truly excellent framework called Baker, which allows for quickly getting up and running with managing issues, downloading, and display. It can quickly look pretty great: The magazine shelf is fairly easy to customise, as I’ve done […]

Paradigmatic 1.1, now in the Mac App Store


Like it says on the box: A new version of Paradigmatic is now on the Mac App Store. Follow this link, or search for ‘Paradigmatic’ and you’ll find it. There’s been a few minor changes to some very obscure verb forms, and parsing bugs under OS X 10.7 Lion have been fixed, so you can […]

Greek Reader’s Lexicon, Version 1.1

Greek Reader Icon

I’ve just submitted an update for my iPhone app to the app store — it’s awaiting review. Many thanks to those who’ve sent positive feedback, feature requests, bug reports, and encouragement my way. Cheers. This update adds a few features, and fixes one particular bug. New features: Greek font selection The font face of greek […]

Physics, Procrastination, and Design


Physics In 2005 the city council of Rome banned round goldfish bowls, on account of them being cruel to goldfish kept inside. The reasoning is that the curved glass gives fish a distorted view of reality, and may even lead to blindness. Sounds crazy, but apparently “The civilisation of a city can also be measured […]

Up and away

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We’re in business. $1.19 at your local Apple app store. (Cheap at twice the price, etc., etc.)

The Waiting Game

My app is now waiting for review in the app store. Hopefully for not too long. And I’m waiting for my GST registration so I’m allowed to sell it in Australia (interestingly, this is Apple’s rule, not the ATO’s). The waiting game begins.

Paradigmatic 1.0


Now with extra Greek! There’s heaps that’s changed this time around. Biggest news: Greek. The full functionality of the Hebrew system has now been duplicated in Koine (NT) Greek. Full tables of the regular verb קטל, plus extensive data for a good number of irregular verbs. The parsing tool works for Greek, and tables of […]

Paradigmatic 0.6.1


Slight update: I’ve upgraded the Sparkle updater system, to fix a couple of things. Firstly there were a few bugs that could cause crashes if it couldn’t find the update information feed properly, but secondly there was a change in how .zip files were extracted in between the last couple of updates. This means that […]

Paradigmatic 0.6.0


New version: I’ve done some more work on various sections of Paradigmatic. The first thing you’ll notice as you fire it up is that I’ve changed the main window to look a little nicer: Note I’ve removed the greyed-out ‘Tester’ option, as I’ve not written it yet. It will return when there’s something to connect […]

Paradigmatic 0.5.2


Minor database updates: I-Guttural Niphal 1cs Yiqtol/Wayyiqtol I-Guttural (stative) Qal 2ms Imperative Geminate Niphal 3ms/2fp/1cp Qatal It’s also a universal binary. Thanks to Bathgate, Bek, Chris, and Rick for error checking. To get the new version, download it (0.5.2, 2.0 MB zipped .app file), or hit ‘Check for updates’ in the Paradigmatic menu bar. If you like, see […]

Paradigmatic 0.5.1


Minor updates: A few paradigms were corrected, most notably the polel yiqtol of ??, which was just plain wrong. Also I’ve fixed a bug in the parsing window, in which a certain order of operations would make certain options unavailable. If you’ve not noticed, then rest easy. Thanks to Bek, Chris, and Bathgate for error checking. It’s […]

Paradigmatic 0.5.0


New version (again). I’ve gone up a whole point this time (from 0.4 to 0.5) as I’ve added in an auto-updating framework, so from now on you should get an seamless upgrade experience. Sparkle, written by Andy Matuschak, is the thing that does the magic. Hopefully it works well. The other thing that is really worth […]

Paradigmatic 0.4.0


New version. There is now a parsing tool, which works how you might (hopefully) expect. Select an irregularity or root, and the types of stems/aspects you want to test, and you will be presented with a randomised set. Match up the categories to the given word, and you will either get it correct, or your […]

Paradigmatic 0.3.2


This is a reasonably significant update. The included data is now almost everything – the polel/polal/hithpolel stems are missing from hollow verbs, and special verbs like HYH and HVH aren’t yet done. Everything else is, though. Also, I’ve updated the mechanism that updates the data store. Those of you who had problems with not being […]

Paradigmatic 0.3.1


More data, minor cosmetic changes. Download it, or check out the changes. If you’re using this thing, let me know bugs, errors, etc., at Ta.