Never negotiate with public opinion

Part of the “stop the boats” policy was always about combatting the evils of people smuggling (in conjunction with deciding “who comes to Australia and the circumstances in which the come”, and an arguably compassionate response to stopping drownings at sea). If none of the boats that leave for Australia ever make it, then people…


An offering for boat people

Mr Abbott, Mr Morrison, and Mr Alexander,

Despite the apparent fact that many of my fellow Australians disagree with me, I wish to voice my strong opposition to our nation’s treatment of asylum seekers.

How we act towards the poor and vulnerable amongst us speaks volumes about what we value. (And who is more vulnerable than people who have given up everything to flee for our protection?) And how do we treat them? With scant regard for their physical or mental health (particularly children) we incarcerate them for the crime of escaping persecution, we ship them to yet another foreign country, we put them in cramped pens with no shade, insufficient water, almost non-existent medical care, and arbitrarily limit family contact. For a nation that was up in arms about live animal exports, it grieves me that we embrace treating humans little better.


A theology of criticism

I’m heading off to the Hillsong Conference next week. I expect it to be a hard week—they’ve invited some folks who seem pretty committed to preaching prosperity doctrine, encouraging people to put their hope and confidence in something other than Christ alone. I’ll say more on that another time. But Kevin DeYoung had a great…


Dodgy Christian rebranding?

Editorial Discretion


09/14/11 PHD comic: ‘Demonstration’: (Via PHD Comics.)


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