At my 21st birthday party, according to tradition, my parents told a (mildly) embarassing story about me when I was 5. I came home from school and said something funny and stupid.

The floor was then opened to anyone who wanted to share a story about me. Normally, at such events, the birthday boy or girl can’t wait for the speeches to be over so they can stop being publically humiliated for past indiscretions. My experience was a little different – no-one had anything on me. There was one story that one of my friends thought of, but didn’t say since it’s not really that good, and I tend to tell people about it anyway. There was no dirt on me… at least, nothing that people could remember. The funny thing is that there are dumb things that I’ve done, it’s just that no-one remembers them.

Kind of like water/milk/acid off a duck’s back.

So, this site could well be the repository for stupid things of mine. A little repository of ammunition for the next event in my life where humiliating the guest is expected… which, having already had a wedding reception, shouldn’t be until I turn 50. But rest assured that in times to come you will be able to look back at some of the things I have done, said, and written down, and have a little chuckle at my expense.

At least, unless my duck-feather powers increase.

Until then, this is my site. I’m Sam Freney.

I’m married to Kristy; I’m the father of Elissa. I’m a Christian, and a minister in an Anglican church and an editor at a publishing house. (Sometimes the latter vocations can happen without the first.)

I love great technology. Some Many people call me a nerd. I prefer that to geek.

I play jazz. Biblical studies is something I’m keen on, as are languages, science fiction, literature in general, coffee, electronics, photography, frisbee, film, family, church, writing, playing piano and/or saxophone, and hats. I’ve created software for biblical language students, both for the mac and iPhone. I play Ultimate Frisbee, and run a website for Christian players around Australia. It’s handy having a rare surname when you’re trying to get a decent domain name. You could call my tastes eclectic.

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