Greek Reader’s Lexicon

The Greek Reader’s Lexicon (for iPhone and iPod Touch) gives you a convenient way to look up rare vocabulary verse-by-verse through the New Testament.

Even the most competent readers of New Testament Greek do not know each and every word that appears in the New Testament by heart. You want to spend as much time reading the text, not looking up words in a lexicon.

On the other hand, learning all words that occur more than 100 times in the New Testament is a straightforward task, even for a first-year student of Koine Greek. Likewise, however, you too want to read as much New Testament Greek as you can, without being distracted by looking up every other word in a lexicon.

This app helps you to do that — spend time reading the New Testament in Greek — wherever you are on the vocabulary-learning scale. Select the passage of Scripture that you’re looking at, and the vocabulary threshold (from words that occur once in the entire NT to those that occur 100 times), and a verse-by-verse lexicon is generated for you. As you read each verse, definitions of rare words are right there with you. Quick gloss definitions of words in each verse are there at a glance, and more information for greater depth and insight is only a tap away.

This app won’t replace your Greek Bible — in fact, it’s designed to sit alongside it. What it will do is help you to spend more time in it, and, hopefully, encourage you to read it more.

Extended lexical definitions are drawn from Thayer’s Greek Lexicon (public domain), and the glosses are derived from this source too.

Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or greater.

[one_third][quote author=’010203040506070809, via the App Store’ rating=’5′] All readers of the GNT (except those who have a Th.D. in NT linguistics) should probably quickly find that they appreciate this tool. For 99¢ + tax, it’s possibly the deal of year. [/quote][/one_third]

[one_third][quote author=’Crittyran, via the App Store’ rating=’5′] This is a super addition to my itouch. No more pulling out Kubo and BAGD every time I want a general understanding of the word in question. Only $.99?? I would have paid lots more! Thank you for making this available and affordable.[/quote][/one_third]

[one_third_last][quote author=’Blackatmis, via the App Store’ rating=’5′]This app is great. You can go verse by verse thru the whole NT and look at the lexical analysis of the less common words. Very easy to use. Well worth it.[/quote][/one_third_last]