Reading Plan

This Bible Reading plan is an excellent way to read through the whole Bible, not start-to-finish like some plans, but at multiple points all at once.

In each set of readings you’ll have something from the Old Testament law, history, prophets, wisdom, and a psalm, along with a chapter from the Gospels, and the New Testament letters. Either read through all 10 chapters in a day, or take longer for each set: you’ll soon start to see how God’s word is unified and connected in all sorts of ways you may never have noticed before.

There are two plans: Prof. Horner’s 10-chapter-per-day plan, and a modified version that broadens some of the emphases in the passages covered.

rp1You can use this as a prompt to get out your Bible and start reading, or use the in-app browser to read the ESV text on the go!